Saturday, August 4, 2012

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Winter Festivals

Aaand ... Here are the last festivals, Winter Festivals. Hope you'll like it!

Winter Festival

Dog Race
Day: Winter 10th
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Town Square
You can choose to join the competition or just come and watch :) If you want to join, make sure that your dog's heart level is at its highest, and don't forget to train your dog months before! Fall is the least season where you can start to train him :) Use the ball from Won, and never throw it to the pond or your basket. Believe me. I did it :(

When you win this, you'll get a medal. The gifts in the festival are the same like in the Horse Race. Here are some tips in winning the Dog Race:
a. Run with the same speed as your dog with the distant maximum 1 inch in front of it.
b. If it runs to the wrong direction, walk close to him and start again.
c. If it doesn't like you enough or you never trained it before, then it would be likely to disobey and just sit around :( But you can always try next year :)

Winter Thanksgiving (Valentine's Day)
Day: Winter 14th
Time: 06.00 am
Location: Your Farm
Every girl that likes you will give you a gift. If you want a chocolate then you'll need to change their hearts to blue. If they have different color, you'll get different gifts. To get all of the gifts, stay in your farm all day. Do not go anywhere. Just walk out your door and stay in your farm, you can clean the field or play with your dog. It's best not to enter any room for the day. If you come to the girls, they won't give you anything. 
if you already married to Karen and she has a red heart, she'll give you a chocolate.

Star Night Festival
Day: Winter 24th
Time: 06.00 pm
Location: House of the girl who likes you
The girl who likes you the most will ask you to join the dinner with her parents. Don't be late! ;)

New Years Party
Day:  Winter 30th
Time: 12.00 am
Location: top of Mother's Hill
You can come to Mother's Hill from 10.00 pm if you want to chat with some villagers first :) And you will watch the sunrise together with all the other villagers. Happy New Year!
That should do it for now, I'm working on some walkthrough and list of recipes and stuff, come back soon! 

~Harvest Moon everyday!~

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