Saturday, August 4, 2012

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Summer Festivals

Hi there! :D I just finished the Summer Festivals, hope you enjoy it! ;)

Summer Festivals

Swimming Festival
Day: Summer 1st
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Beach
This one is my favorite, you can get a power berry if you got a first place. And here's the how to:
a. Collect at least two power berry before you enter the competition
b. Press X until the color of your face is changing and then press and hold the triangle button. 
c. There are 5 contestants in the competition, without power berry you'd usually got a third place.
Oh, and try to talk with the girl you like. It's great to change the color of her heart :)

Chicken Festival
Day: Summer 7th
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Town Square
You can come and just watch the festival or you can even join the competition if you have a chicken.
It's best to give the chicken who has the highest heart level, it increases the chance for you to win :) And the winning chicken will lay golden eggs everyday, which is great for your incomes. Yaaay ;)
Here's the quick tips:
a. Quickly press X when your enemy--call it your chicken's enemy--just jumped
b. Do not press the X button if your chicken is in the edge of the arena or is facing the outer side of the arena

Tomato Festival
Day: Summer 12th
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Town Square
Come to the town square and every team will ask you to join them. You don't really get anything from Tomato Festival, but it's just fun to play for a day! :) And just like other festivals, all the stores are closed on that day, so if you have any schedules for buying some chicken feed or anything, don't forget to check your calendar before going out!

Cow Festival
Day: Summer 20th
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Town Square
You can enter your cow in this competition, and the winning cow does the same like a winning chicken, it will produce a golden milk! Just make sure its heart level is in it's highest, and you'll win it at no time! Don't forget to buy a brush from Saibara months before the competition :) You'll need that to speed up the heart level

The Fireworks Display
Day: Summer 24th
Time: 06.00 pm
Location: Beach
In the night of The Fireworks Display, you can watch it with a girl you like. She needs to have at least a purple heart for you. If you take her to the fireworks, she'll like you more. There's a chance that she might ask you on a date after the show, which is great ;)
It's also okay if you want to come to the show alone, and in the second year you can ask Kai to watch it together.

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