Friday, December 16, 2011

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Saving Money

I just love polling, it gives me the accurate decision of which tips to write, because the result of the polling comes straight from you! :) So let's talk about saving money in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, shall we?

Here are some great random tips to save your money, especially in the first year/chapter when you need to achieve so many things:
  1. Ride your horse to save the time--time is money! :p
  2. No need to waste your items to win a girl's heart, just pick one girl you like, give her flowers for a week straight, and then leave her be. At the end of year/chapter one she'll come to your house and she'll tell you her feelings :)
  3. Never forget the fertilizer. Unless you're willing to buy 200 G good fodder from Takakura. Oh, and try to get the fertilizer maker from Takakura (check the shipping room). It's cheaper for the long run.
  4. Always keep your animal outside unless it's raining, this way you can save the fodder.
  5. Train your dog or own a refrigerator to stop Murray the burglar from stealing your food in the freezer food storage.
  6. Befriend the villagers, for example, Daryl. He'll make you save 6,000 G by giving you a seed maker.
  7. Go fishing in your spare time, sell your fish to the villagers or Van.

There they are, seven tips for all the Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life fans, go play! Hahaha ...

~Harvest Moon Rocks!~


Anonymous said...

are you Indonesian? I'm so happy I found your blog! :D
it was so helpful for me :D
I'm an Indonesian Harvest Moon fans from 2008, my fav is AWL :3

Bali Tidbits said...

Hey there anonymous :D

Yes I am :D wow, it's really great to find Indonesian Harvest Moon fans :D :D :D nice to know you! And yes, I have to say, Another Wonderful Life is my fav too! Glad to find a friend, hehehe ... Come back to the web soon! :D