Saturday, December 22, 2012

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Trick for Ending

Thank you Shane Milana in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Horse Race :)

There are 8 endings in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland:
  1. Azure Swallowtail
  2. Bluebird
  3. Cake Contest
  4. Endangered Weasel
  5. Fishy Story
  6. Goddess Dress
  7. Horse Race
  8. Treasure Hunt

So, let's say you've finished with an ending, and now you want to move on another ending, you've restarted your game, and guess what happened? You got all the objects and materials you've earned before, (horse and its' hearts, etc) but ...  spoiler   you have to start over with befriending all the villagers!

Annoying, right? :( So I've developed my own tricks ... Here it is:

What you need:
  1. Play Station 2
  2. Harvest Moon CD
  3. Memory Card 8 GB

Step by step:
  1. Play Harvest Moon, befriends all villagers and earn all the objects you want
  2. Enter your room everyday after work, and walk to your bedside table
  3. Click on the diary
  4. Choose Save
  5. There are 4 tiles available for saving your game, choose the first tile for your first progress
  6. After awhile, save your game again using the second tile. Make sure this is the exact situation you want when you restart your game
  7. So you still have 2 tiles left. Use the third tile to save your game on a daily basis, and keep the last one empty
  8. Now everytime you re-open your game and want to continue, open the third tile, and also save/rewrite it in the third tile whenever you're feeling to save the game. And DO NOT use the second tile.
  9. When you're heading close to your ending (possibly seven or fourteen days before a scene happened), save it in the fourth tile, and rewrite it after you've finished your ending.
  10. Congratulations! Now you have one ending solved in your memory card. 
  11. Ready to continue to the next ending? Open the second tile and save some efforts, making your own fast track to another ending *wink wink*

That's the trick for now. I hope I explained it well :) See you around!

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