Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Ways to Save Money

There are many goals you can reach when you are playing Harvest Moon Back to Nature, and one of them is money. I think the most common problem when you are trying to raise your farm is when you have to earn money. ^_^

So, I'm writing few tips about ways to save money:
  1. No need to buy timber, you can use your tool to cut them. ^_^
  2. This is the extreme one, no need to upgrade your house. Which means, no need to get married. 
  3. Don't waste your time playing additional games like the confession in the church etc. 
  4. Double check the price of the presents you're giving to the villagers,
  5. Try to get extra money from the mine, it's great because the time stops there, 
  6. Earn lots of money from chicken. Buy one, then put the egg in fertilizer, then you'll get a chicken, so you'll have two chickens! Sell one of them to Poultry Farm
  7. Avoid buying cows and sheeps, 
  8. Try to make your chicken win the chicken competition, so it can lay eggs for higher price, 
  9. Buy bin in the Supermarket, it worths every single penny. 
  10. Fish for extra money

I hope the post helps. I checked my blog in www.yourwebsitevalue.com, I'm glad it can helps me in upgrading my blog and (I hope) turn it into something better. Harvest Moon Rocks!

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